2021 M2 Assembly Guide



Thanks for buying the M2 CNC Automated Cutting Machine, welcome to the Maker Made family! The following instructions are intended for beginners - with no prior CNC experience.

Here are some notes on the layout...

1. Setting up the M2 can be broken down into three main parts: building the M2, building the frame (or mounting it on an existing Maslow frame), and calibration. This guide covers building the M2.

2. I’m Drew and I made this guide! My notes are tips and tricks to help you along. They are in a different blue font and look like this:

Drew’s Note: Let us know how this guide can be improved for beginners. We love to hear from you!

They are meant to answer some of the “why” questions you might have and give you tips to get started. We suggest printing the guide in color, if you want a paper copy.

3. Each step contains written instructions, a visual rendering of those instructions, color coded pictures of substeps or parts needed for that step, and the hardware bag where you’ll find the parts you’ll need.

We hope you enjoy setting up your kit! As always, check out our Resources page for the most updated version of our support articles and links to our community. Happy making!


This section contains information on what came with your M2 and other tools you will need to building and operation.

Drew’s Note: Check out the M2 Video Playlist for an overview of what’s in the box and other how to videos!

You’ll have to supply your own router for your M2. Here is the recommended list:

Tools needed for building and operating your M2 (that didn’t come with your kit):

The following is what came in your M2 CNC kit!


Drew’s Note: We recommend reading this entire section before beginning.

Check out this video playlist on how to build the M2!


Drew’s Note: It’s very important that the router bit is in the exact center of M2 sled hole! 

All of the triangulation math for the M2’s GRBL code is based of the assumption that your bit is in the exact center. If it is off, even by a few millimeters, it will result in your M2 cutting incorrectly. 

Check out the “Centering your Router” article in our knowledge base, Maker Marketplace, or FB Owner’s Group for tips and jigs to center your bit!


The Maker Made M2 CNC kit is used to assemble a large format CNC machine. It is designed to use a router (or another tool) to cut 4’ by 8’ sheet materials. When used correctly, this machine is very safe. However, some safety precautions must be taken to prevent injury. These include but are not limited to :

1. Always follow the safety guidelines and instructions included with the router or other tool you attach to the kit.

2. Always wear ear and eye protection when running your machine.

3. Use adequate dust collection or wear a respirator. Breathing material dust can be harmful.

4. Use proper lifting techniques when loading/unloading materials.

5. Always use caution when connecting/removing the sled. This assembly weighs around 20 lbs.

6. NEVER leave your machine running unattended!

We’re excited to have you in our community of makers and can’t wait to see what you create.

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