Calibrating the 300x BLTouch Auto-Bed Leveling Sensor

You'll want to calibrate the BLTouch sensor for successful printing. The BLTouch helps to keep the consistent layer height between the nozzle and the build plate for printing.

If your print doesn’t match the test print in the box below, your BLTouch is not calibrated correctly. On your printer, go to the Menu > Tutorials > Calibrate BLTouch Sensor to raise or lower the nozzle for printing. Detailed instructions can also be found in the user manual.

This is what your print should look like when finished! Notice the 90° angle of the square and the consistent layer lines. 

If the nozzle is not close enough, the layers will not stack correctly.  Here is an example print from a nozzle that is too far away. If model comes loose while printing, the nozzle should be lowered.

If the nozzle is too close, your print will look smashed like this example. The  nozzle can also be so close that it drags into the build filament didn’t extrude. In this case, it should be raised.

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