Printing in flexible TPU on the 300x

First off, I recommend printing on top of painter's tape. The build surface of the 300x is made for PLA, and can have issues with TPU sticking. Put down a layer of tape where you want to print your model and ensure that the edges don't overlap.

Then, ensure that you are using the correct 300x machine profile.

After that, you can either import the attached printing profile, or change the settings below to create your own.

(You may have to change them slightly, depending on what brand of TPU you have.)

Printing Speed20 mm/s
Infill20-50 %
Printing Temperature220-230o C
Build Plate Temperature50o C
Retraction Speed0-10 mm/s
Retraction Distance1.5 mm

For more information, I suggest checking out this post on 3D print 'em about tuning in Cura settings for TPU.

TPU can be tricky to print with. Contact us for assistance if you get stuck!

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