Cut depth with standard frame

I just bought the 2021 M2 and I am about to build the frame. One question I have is about material thickness. Can I put a 2x4 up and cut it without issue on accuracy when compared to a 1/2 inch plywood? Are there adjustments that I need to understand as I get up and running? Or are there no concerns when it comes to material thickness? It seems like any shift of the chains would change position and accuracy. Would that be correct?
  •  Hi Dustin,

    When it comes to cutting material you should be able to cut as deep as the router bit is tall. I primarily use a 1/8 bit that is only about 1 inch of a cutting surface. It would not be able to go through a 2x4 which is actually 1.5 inches thick. The router would not be able to cut any deeper than the cutting service

    They sell longer bits that would allow you to cut deeper. At the speed the router is moving I would worry about running a really long bit. But you should be able to find one that is 1.5 inches.

    Also keep in mind the sled rides on top of the material. If you want to cut a single 2x4 you would need to build a border around the 2x4 so the sled doesn't tip or fall off the main board while cutting.

    Let us know how it goes! Good luck to you!


  • How high is the Z axis?  My grinder bit (for foam) is 2 inches.  - Dirk



  • Dirk,

    I have not tested the max travel for the z-axis, but I believe I have ran it around 50mm of travel safely. That is just shy of 2 inches. Technically, if you set it up just right, you might be able to cut 2 inch material. I work in wood, so I generally keep it under 1 inch of material that I cut.

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