A question was asked on the Facebook group and I wanted to share the knowledge here as well. If you have multiple workspaces and want rid of the extras, follow these simple steps:

  1. go to the settings icon on the left side of the window
  2. Select "Workspaces" to see all of the workspaces you have created.
  3. From there you can click the trashcan icon for each individual workspace to remove the unwanted workspaces.
 Do not remove your main workspace, or you will have to start all over.

  • Attaching screenshots to show you what it should look like (as of May 31, 2021).

    This is the settings window. I have clicked on workspace and currently only have one workspace listed. If you click the trashcan icon on the right, you will delete the workspace. If you have multiple workspaces, they will all be listed here and allow you do delete.


  • Thanks for posting here!  We need to start encouraging the Owners to move this direction

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