The Bison Make

This is a project I made last week.  It'll go in the MakerMade office along with other projects we make

Specs n such

  • Material- 1/2" MDF coated with a quick layer of Jacobean stain
  • 90-degree (fat side), 1/4" v-bit
  • 38in/min, 0.12in / pass
  • Milling time- 2hrs 10min (given very inefficient GCODE)

  • photo

  • How would you go about improving the efficiency of the gcode? I notice that Easel on default tends to move the router head around way more than necessary.

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  • Yeah, I'm not sure but I do know there's software out there (and someone on the marketplace) that can optimize so the sled isn't jogging from end to end all the time

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