Alarm is generated and no wining noise when connecting in Makerverse

I opened Makerverse 1.1.2 and then clicked opened but didn't hear the wining noise I normally do to let me know the machine is connected. I see an alarm icon is generated. I can unlock and try to jog the M2 but noting happens. I am not sure what happened. My M2 was cutting fine the day before. I noticed the black power cable's blue light is not on. I wonder if the cord is bad. Anybody have ideas. Is there a way to tell why the Alarm is being generated?

  • Does the alarm also list any details? Also, what order are you connecting to your computer? I have read that you should connect the data cable prior to plugging in the M2. I can see lights on the M2 when only the data cable is connected (before I switch on the power cable). Are you seeing the same thing?

  • The alarm doesn't list details. I called support and we determined that it might be the power cord. The blue light on the power box is not lit when plugged in. I am going to get a new power cord and see if that is the reason the motors are not humming. I am not sure if the power box was burned out. I was running the router, a shop vac, and the M2 all from one power strip. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. How do you power all of your devices?

  • I have my M2, computer and a vacuum on the same surge protector. The router is on a different plug, but same circuit. I did buy a brand new surge protector to try and keep down any chances from over drawing the voltage. Maybe that is helping? I hope the new power supply is the answer for you.

  • So it was the power cord that had gone bad. No power means the motors were not powered up. Thank you to Joel in support in helping me out.

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