Community Show & Tell Sign-Up

Alright folks, who's up for sharing just a little about what they're making lately?  

Prizes for:

  • anyone who shares a project (gets a free router bit!)
  • coolest build award (share your ultimate make)
  • epic project fail award (best fail share)
  • green maker award (cool project from a new member)

Just respond below with your name so we can get you on the list to share.  Even if you decide not to share, please feel free to join and just hang out!  

Zoom location:

Password- 879035

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  • I am down for sharing my progress on the loom prototype. Will not be complete, but I do have versions I can share, including translating from laser cutting to the M2.

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  • Sounds great, Dustin!

  •  That show and tell was lots of fun! We should do that again.

  • Is this still going on?
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