I can't log into the Makerverse.

 Can't log in, used the "forgot password" link, now I can't log in to MakerMade account *or* Makerverse. I'd like to calibrate, setup and use this machine. What is going on?!?

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  • I can't log onto the Makerverse software. Keeps saying invalid e-mail address.

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  • me too same stuff and i have tried with two email addresses. getting rather frustrated. can anyone help

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  • We're had an issue with Makerverse over the weekend, we'll start support tickets with both of you and help get you logged in!

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  • I also keep having issues.  I am able to get in sometimes, other times not.

  • Pam, we believe that the login issue is now solved! Can you try logging in, with the exact username and password you created?

  • I'm currently having this same issue. Just began the process of stepping my account for MakerVerse. Will not allow me to login in, have tried different emails, changed passwords and in some cases it doesn't throw an error but just reloads login screen. Any suggestions? 

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  • Have you checked to see if the confirmation email was sent to your spam? If you don't find it, fill out a ticket here and we will help get you logged in!


  • I'm having the same issue. Has this been resolved?

  •  I haven't been able to make the machine work due to login issues for several weekends. Please help. Ideally help me use guest mode so I don't have to worry about login issues.

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