Calibration issues 1.1.3

I am trying to get my machine calibrated yesterday the y axis was off by more than 300mm lower then zero so I wiped everything out and started over now when I get to z axis calibration and try to move it the y axis goes nuts and I have to pull the plug or it will damage the sled . I did try reflashing the arduino and that did not help. starting to think I may have a bad board. anyone have any thoughts ?

  • Here is what I have found to work with that. If you have both sprockets marked and the chains, go ahead and put them both at 12oclock and get reset chains. After that, go to the calibration settings and click on the chains tab. Select previously measured and do those final steps. That should clear that issue. 

  • Thanks I did finally get thing working  although I am not sure how  LOL calibrations is a 3mm for now  now just need to worked on getting the laser up and running was supposed to get a call from tech support today but it never happened


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