Z-Axis motor failures

Hi All, I may be new to the M2, but not to hardware or software. I received the M2 as a birthday present setup seemed to go well until I reached the Z-Axis calibration. At this stage, I was receiving errors and the Z-Axis motor was receiving power and commands ( I believe) but not turning. 

I opened a ticket last week and spoke with them several days later. We went through a few things on the call like disabling the soft limit alarms etc. but we were not able to get the Z-Axis motor to move ( it would make noise and rumble a bit, but wouldn't turn the axis). It was determined a new motor was needed and one was shipped the following day. 

I received it a few hours ago, and before I removed the old one. I decided to hook up the new one and see if it was actually going to move. To my surprise it is doing the exact same behavior as before, I've checked the voltage to the motor through the harness it's ~ 12.4vdc to the motor VCC. 

I've seen suggestions about making sure the harness isn't near the power cord of the router and having them on separate circuits. during my tests, the router was not plugged in. I do have about 5' of distance between them, but I don't have a way to have them on a separate circuit. (not what is causing any issues at the moment) 

I am on the latest firmware for the m2 CNC/ LASER  I also reseated the Shield to make sure it was a good tight fit. I'm a bit lost at the moment and looking for any ideas to try. 

When sending a longer Z-axis travel command, you can tell the motor is receiving a singal to move but it just sort of shakes and doesn't spin. without knowing more, my guess would be that the timing for the motor is off. It's clear it's receiving as you can see the Makeverse software changing the Z height and once it reaches the distance in the software, it stops the motor.  Both the original and the new motor are behaving the same way. 

Any Idea's? 

Thanks in advance

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