disabling security on my offline M2

Hello, i love my M2 but i need to remove security access (my machine is in a garage far from internet and i am afraid  if the openworkshop site is unreachable)

but i dont undestand how to disable login with the documentation:

My makerverse is on a raspberry pi as decribed in doc. 

it is decribed as this:

Edit the ~/.makerverse to include the top-level insecureDangerousGuestAccess boolean key.

so i just have to edit makerverse file with ssl terminal and i add "insecureDangerousGuestAccess" at the top ? i prefer to be sure...

and is it possible to edit file on windows via ftp access ??

thanks for help and "long life to the M2" !!

  • To be a little more descriptive, the top of your .maskerverse file should look like:


        "state": {
            "insecureDangerousGuestAccess": true,
            "checkForUpdates": true,
            "prereleases": false,
            "controller": {
                "exception": {
                    "ignoreErrors": false


  • thanks a lot for your help !!

     i will try this on sunday

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