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Greetings, I recently purchased the 300x printer and I am having a issue with almost all of my prints lifting off the magnetic pad.  Myself and another nerd have ran through the (2) calibration steps multiple times.  I have swapped from PLA to PETG filament with no luck.  The only thing that seems to help is changing the quality from fast to normal.  I have been using the Knurling bolt and nut from Tingiverse.  I also attempted to clean the pad with alcohol after each failure.  Any suggestions?  Would increasing or decreasing the pad temp

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  • So 21 days any no comments.  I have been testing non stop here are a few things that are making it better, however on the larger (more surface area touching the pad) it is still random.

    1. I am using PETG filament, I increased the nozzle temp to 228 and that helps with imperfections in the print.  These imperfections were getting snagged.
    2. Adjusting the level, constantly.  I think I finally got it tweaked in.  This took way longer . more attempts to get it right.  I wish Makermade would publish the gap required instead of a "Piece of paper".  I could use a gap gauge to determine if it is in the correct position.
    3. This is in my finished basement, I put a box around the unit to prevent any air drafts cooling the pad down.
    Once again these steps have not made it 100% successful but quality is improving.

  • Hey Keith,

    Sorry I missed this for so long! you can always submit a ticket and we'll respond within 24 hours!

    1. Tuning in PETG can be a process for each brand. If 228 is working for you, then that's great! A lot of brands will melt hotter at 245C. If the temperature is too low, it will have problems extruding and sticking to the build surface. Another thing I would recommend is lowering the flow rate (also known as extrusion multiplier) and retraction speed until you are getting good build plate and layer adhesion. This is an awesome article about tuning in PETG brands!

    2. The distance I would recommend is 0.1mm, which is the thickness of a piece of paper. It also helps to ensure that your bed is pretty close to flat. If it's way off, then the BLTouch will have trouble compensating. You can run the flatten the bed tuning in the Menu to even it out.

    3. Good call on the box in a drafty space. If the temperature is fluctuating or a draft/fan/heat vent is blowing on the printer, it will cause problems with adhesion. What temp is it in your basement? Cause if it's under 15C (60F) then that can cause issues as well.

  • Will get some thermostat down here to measure the basement temp.  I will also try higher temp to see how it goes and will report back.  I have heard using stick glue would help.  Thoughts?

  • You can use glue to help, but it will damage the print surface overtime. I would suggest calibrating it a tiny bit closer than you would PLA, to get a really good layer adhesion.

    If you are going to print in PETG a lot, I would also suggest upgrading your print surface to a 310mm x 310mm textured PEI sheet. That can help immensely, as the 300x print surface is designed for best use with PLA. Here is one that I've used (you just stick the textured metal print surface on your existing bed magnet).

  • Getting the ambient temp above 60 has helped.  I also found that using brim setting also helps.

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