Trouble with Makerverse setup w/ M2 2021

Hi. Makerverse/CNC/MakerMade M2 newbie here. I am a software/network engineer though, so I hope I don’t make too much of a fool of myself asking this question:

I can’t get the Makerverse software (Windows GUI and the Web Server - on Raspberry Pi) to list any of the Maslow products. Here’s what happens:


Installed Makerverse 1.1.3 on Windows 10 laptopCreated logins to MakerMade, MakerVerse, & Launched GUI & OpenWork.Shop.Disabled all Firewalls on laptopConnected USB from M2 brains (Arduino Due board) to laptop. Plugged in power cord to M2 brains. Initially heard loud, incessant buzzing noise from M2 brains. Unplugged USB cord at laptop and buzzing quit. Re-inserted USB and did not receive any buzzing.Launched GUI - The GUI launched OK and went to the login screen. I logged in and was taken to the “New Workspace” screen. Clicked on “Connect to a New Machine”. I noted a screen showed up saying “Loading” and indicating it was having trouble connecting to the community (or something… it came and went to fast to read fully) and took me to the “Connect to a Machine” page which shows only: Maslow() --SELECT-- and the “Create a New Machine” button. Nowhere do I see an M2 option as indicated on the calibration/setup instructions. See the image, below:


MissingDataScreen1241×1297 43.1 KB

In attempting to “Create a New Machine” I choose the “Maslow” option, and the following inputs:
Brand - MakerMade
Model - M2
Baud Rate - <I’ve cycled through every option here>
Enable hardware flow control: Unchecked
Submit to community catalog: UncheckedAt this point I was still unable to see any other options.Installed the Arduino dev GUI… was able to then connect to COM3 & COM4, but no matter what baud rate I used it wouldn’t talk with the M2 Arduino board.

_____________ATTEMPT with Raspberry Pi B3+ & Raspberry Pi ____________

Pulled out an RPi B3+ and installed 2021-10-30-raspios-bullseye-arm64-lite on a 200MB card because nowhere could I find a Raspberry Pi distro as indicated in the instructions.Ran the OS, connected it to the wifi and performed an apt-get update and an apt-get upgrade.Installed Docker via instructions found on the internetSuccessfully ran: docker run hello-worldContinued following all instructions at successfully.Executed

git clone

After waiting for the install, it successfully launched and I was able to execute docker container ls and verify that the makerverse container was running. It showed the following:
2f82cba1200e makerverse/core:latest “/home/node/bin/dock…” 18 seconds ago Up 10 seconds>8000/tcp, :::8000->8000/tcp makerverseI was able to go to my laptop (since the RPi is headless) and use the browser to go to :8000 and get to the login page. Yeah! It seems to be running on the Pi just fine!However, I get the same issues as with the windows GUI… ie, no M2 listed and unable to connect to my M2 brains (Arduino Due)I also tried creating a new service and running it in the background, but I am unable to connect to it even though the docker container seems to be running… but this is not my main issue! I can work this at a later date… I really need to be able to talk to the M2, and then I’ll worry about automating the service…

Suggestions? Please!!!

Your help is greatly appreciated! I’m already falling behind on several projects that I desperately need this new M2 for!


  • There is currently an issue with Makerverse loading the default catalog. 

    Typically, you can select the M2 from a list of machines.

    You will need to input your machine controller settings and your workspace dimensions manually.

    Below are the steps to Connect to a New Machine and Create a New Workspace.    

    1) Connect


    2) Create a New Machine


    3) Machine Controller Selection


    4) Port Connection


    5) Workspace Size and Name


    6) Create Workspace


  • Following - my new mac comes in Friday!

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