Makerverse dumps g-code


I am brand new to the Maker Made M2 machine and am having some issues.

I am using Makerverse 1.1.3 and Easel to create g-code for my projects.

The problem I have is that Makerverse dumps all of my g-code before completing it. I have a project with 319 lines of g-code, but Makerverse only completes between 60 and 80 lines before they all disappear and the M2 stops in it’s tracks.

All help would be appreciated. 

  • Hey Graham, sorry for the late reply. Have you filled out a support ticket on your issue? 

    Is your computer going to sleep while the M2 is cutting? That will cause the machine to stop in its tracks.

  • Hi Drew, thanks for your response. Sorry i took some time to reply.

    I did open a support ticket and after some correspondence we decided that there may be a fault with the controller board. I have a new controller in transit and hopefully that will resolve the issue.

    I will report back once it arrives and I have it installed.

  • Let us know!

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