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Hi Makers

I am a newbie.  New M2, building a Mini Frame (to start with).  I am running into a problem that may not be a problem, but I would like to know where I can adjust and where I cannot.  I have attached a file to give a visual of my problem and what I am seeking advice on.  Note: my drawing was quick and not to scale, etc.  
Problem:  I have built the mini frame to what I believe is the correct measurements, but the math is not adding up to me.   If the top beam is 6' and we are to locate the post brackets at 26.5" off center on each side, that would be a difference of 53" from inside edge of each bracket.  If the (vertical frame legs) posts are set center of the bracket (bracket being 2" and post being 1.5", then we would be at a little more than 55" from inside edge of the posts.  Keeping it at 53" for ease, if we add the (horizontal frame legs) feet to the posts that would be an additional 3" take away from the distance between the legs so we would not be at a space of roughly 50" (actually more like 51" but keeping it simple).  The problem comes in here, I made the canvas as stated 24" x 48" so my canvas width is 48" but I have to put it in a space that is 50+" and it leaves gaps on both sides.  

It turns out that I can add a 2x4 to the feet making the opening to put the canvas closer to the 48" but does that throw off anything when adding the M2 and doing all the callabrations?  I noticed that the distance of the top motor mounts to the brackets on the full frame is 9.5" but on the mini frame it is 8.5", I am not sure if that matters or not but if none of that matters, and I can just make sure the canvas is level and at the right angle, then I can have a canvas that is more narrow than the opening of the frame but still supported, if not, then it seems I either need a wider canvas or I need to move the brackets in and have the posts closer together.

Any advice?

Thank you for taking the time to read this and ponder!


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